Cambridge Counselling Practice

Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is a time for us to meet each other, to talk about your expectations and to see if counselling is for you. It is also a chance for you to ensure that I am the right counsellor to meet your needs. This session lasts for 50 minutes. If it is not for you or you do not feel we are a good fit then there is no obligation to carry on.

Ongoing Appointments

Assuming you decide you would like some more sessions we can arrange these. They are usually weekly on the same day and at the same time although there may be some flexibility. We can either agree a fixed number of sessions or to work on an open ended basis depending on what is right for you.

How many Appointments will I need?

We can talk about your expectations at the first session. The number of session you require will depend on you and your needs. It can vary just a few sessions to much longer. There is not limit to the number of sessions you can have. I can offer short term focused work as well as long term open ended counselling or something in-between.
It is always best to plan and work towards an ending.
Ongoing appointments last for 50 minutes.

A two or three session package to review the main areas of your life or address a specific issue. This can be stand alone or you may find it is a way into longer term counselling. MoT sessions are charged at the standard fee rate.


The standard rate for an appointment is £75 (£90 for couples)

There are reduced rates available if you are on a lower household income - please mention if you would like on of these rates at the time of your booking.
Rate 2 £65 for individuals with a household income over £25k and under £45k
Rate 3 £55 for individuals with a household incomes under £25k


For online session this is normally made before the session and is by bank transfer.
For face to face sessions they payment can either be by bank transfer before the session or in cash at the beginning of the session.

Please note that missed or cancelled session will need to be paid for in full UNLESS 48 HOURS notice is given as the space is held for you.

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